Art Market at Baan Sillapin Hua Hin

Hua Hin Artist Group will hold art exhibition to celebrate the New Year 2010 and to promote Hua Hin’s culture for tourism. The upcoming art exhibition will not be held at the art gallery but instead will be held in a form of art market under the tree shade. On display there will be pieces of arts on mats, art products made of dried glass with pieces of works inside.  At the art market local and foreign visitors will be able to share their ideas and talk with one another.  During Art Market there will be many art demonstrations and creations on display by twenty professional artists. 

The Hua Hin Artist Group will sale all sort of art pieces at discounted price to help everybody buy a New Year gift. 

Another interesting activity will be ‘Art class under the tree shade’. The art classes will provide an opportunity for all interested to learn painting under the instruction of professional artists without paying anything. In addition all taking part will get a certificate.  Food and drinks will be available during the class and jazz band will play throughout the activity.

Art Market will take place from Tuesday 29th Dec. 2009 until Monday 4th Jan. 2010 (7 days – From 10.00 – 18.00)

Press Conference
Friday 11th Dec. 2009, 13.00 at Baan Sillapin Art Gallery        

Opening Ceremony
Tuesday 29th Dec. 2009

Baan Sillapin Art Gallery – Sillapa Vana Stan (Artists Village)
(4 km. from Hua Hin, on the way to Pala-U Waterfall and Huai Mongkol temple)
Address ; 81, Moo 14, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 77110
Woranan Latthi (Public Relation & Coordination) Tel. 087-1673895 , 032 - 534830

Baan Sillapin Hua Hin

  1. Place for art and cultural education
  2. Free art exhibitions and art training all year long

Open daily from 10.00 – 17.00, except Monday

Art Market - Supporting Units

  1. Prachuap Khirikhan Privince
  2. Hua Hin City Municipality
  3. Hua Hin District
  4. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Prachuap Khirikhan
  5. Hua Hin Tourism Police
  6. Hua Hin Conservation Club

Project Consultants
Mr. Weera Sriwatthanatrakul, Prachuap Khirikhan Provincial Governor


  1. Phisit Suntreerat – Deputy Provincial Governor
  2. Mr. Aphinan Chantharangsi - Deputy Provincial Governor
  3. Mr. Jira Phongphaiboon – Hua Hin Mayor
  4. Mr. Suwit Pianrungruang – Deputy Mayor
  5. Mrs. Pinnart Charoenphol – TAT Director (Prachuap Khirikhan)
  6. Ajarn Dussadee Phanomyong – Song Composer of Suanplu Chorus 
  7. Mr. Kruep Rojjanasathian – President of Hua Hin Conservation Club

  Hua Hin Artist Group
1.   ทวี  เกษางาม  ประธานกลุ่มฯ  [ TAWEE KESA-NGAM : PRESIDENT ]
2.  สำรอง  จันทร์ทอง   รองประธานกลุ่มฯ  [ SAMRONG JUNTHONG ]
3.  ธุมากร  พิชัย [ THUMAKORN PICHAI ]
4.  กุญชร  เศรษฐมา [ KHOONCHORN SETHAMA ]
5.  สวาท  เกษางาม  [ SAWAAT KESA-NGAM ]
6.  วรรณวิมล  เกษางาม [ WANWIMOL KESA-NGAM ]
7.  วิโรจน์  นาครัตน์ [ WIROJ NAKHARAT ]
8.  เวชยันต์  อุณหสุวรรณ [ WETCHAYAN UNHASUWAN ]
9.  วรพล  มูลบรรจง [ WARAPOL MOOLBUNJONG ]
10. ศุภสุตา  มูลบรรจง [ SUPHASUTA MOOLBUNJONG ]
11. วรงค์ศัลย์  ลัทธิ [ VARONGSAN LATTHI ]                    
12. สัมพันธ์ศักดิ์  ปอสกุล [ SAMPHANSAK PORSAKUL ]
13. สหัสชนัฐ  เถกิงกร [ SAHACHANAT TAGUENGKORN ]
14. ดนย  บุญทัศนกุล [DANAYA BOONTHASSANAKUL]
15. วิระพงษ์  มงคล [ WEERAPONG MONGKOL ]
16. อ๊อด  อิทรสะอาด [ ODD INTHARASA-ARD ]
17. วนิดา  สุวรรณสา [ WANIDA SUWANSA ]
18. สุรศักดิ์  ผารุธรรม [ SURASAK PHARUDHAMA ]                     
19. ชวัช  มุยใยบัว [ CHAWAT MUIYAIBUA ]

Reported by Natsupa Dechapanya

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