Arts & Blooming Festival Hua Hin Cha Am 2011

Hua Hin Artist Community and Goodgarden: have the pleasure to invite you to "Arts & Blooming Festival: Hua Hin & Cha Am 2011", a combination of the Art of painting by Hua Hin artists and the Art of garden designing by Goodgarden of the SPL group.

Thursday March 17th 2011 16.30-18.00 Opening ceremony by Khun Nukul Pornsomboonsiri, Cha Am, Mayor of Cha Am Municipality, followed by Khun Tan Passakornnatee to present his favorite garden design.

Live Music by talented musicians (piano,saxophone)

March 17th-27th
Art gallery: 150 paintings displayed by the Hua Hin Artist community
Scenic garden corners: let your imagination wander through different arrangements designed by Goodgarden
Blooming plants festival: a large selection of the best varieties of plants from Goodgarden

Art workshop:
Demonstration of painting on masks, T-shirts, scarves or canvas by Hua-Hin Artist Community .

Arts and Blooming Festival
Photo competition: Register daily your favorite garden photo taken during the "Arts & Blooming Festival". The winner will be announced on Sunday March 27th.

AKA Resort & Spa
Wellness activities: by Khun Uaichai Prangsuwan from AKA Resort & Spa. Practicing of Yoga, Stretching, Mind&Body exercises (Taichi,Yoga, Pilatis ) to create the balance between your body, mind and spirit.

Flower arrangements: by Khun Busakorn Bunnag at Busakorn garden corner where flowers are perfectly arranged together with the garden design including interior decorations articles.

Container garden design: by Khun Songpol
Pradabpongsa from Goodgarden on how to create a beautiful garden in a limited space.

"How to take care of Orchids": by Prof. Suvitchai Saengtien and Prof. Jitti Ratanapienchai from the Rapee- Kalaya Sagarik foundation. They will give an inside knowhow on how to keep orchids, healthy and blooming.

"How to grow pineapple in pots": from Phetchaburi Research Center will present how to enjoy pineapples as fruits and garden decoration .

March 17th -27th
 Art workshop 9.00-17.00
 Photo competition
19-20, 26-27 Sat. Sun. March 19-20 and 26-27(18.00-20.00)
 Wellness
March 24th (9.00-20.00)
 Wellness
 Thai Boxing
 How to grow pineapples in pots
19-20, 26-27 Sat. Sun. March 19-20 and 26-27
 Flower arrangements
 Container Container garden design
19-20/Sat. Sun March 19-20
 How to take care of orchids
 How to grow pineapples in pots
26-27/Sat. Sun March 26-27
 How to grow pineapples in pots
Special event:
Sat 19th (18.00-20.00)
 Listen to Prof. Rapee Sagarik

Reported by Natsupa Dechapanya

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