Peter W. Jansen from Bangkok German Press Agency (dpa) meets Tuck Dechapanya

On 25 February 2008 Mr. Peter W. Jansen from Bangkok Section of the German Press Agency (dpa) has met Mr. Tuck Dechapanya. Khun Tuck is the President of Hua Hin District Cultural Council, the Chairman of the Administrative Committee for Foreigners Complaints Center in Hua Hin and acts as the compromiser at the Provincial Court Prachuapkhirikhan.

Mr. Peter had met Mr. Tuck Dechapanya at the office and has reveled that he has learned reading Hua Hin Hotline Newspaper and website that there are many cases where house buyers are treated unfairly by some of the foreign developers doing business in Hua Hin. Mr Peter wanted to find out by himself what the problems are.

Mr Tuck (owner of the Hotline monthly newspaper) has explained to Mr Peter that problem becomes apparent after buyers transfer full payment. It usually starts earlier when buying contracts between buyer and developer is signed. Property sellers made the contract but fail explain to the buyers the full meaning of the contract. Some properties are sold for 30 years without registering the sale at the Land Registry Office. This contract is regarded as invalid by the Thai law. Some of the contracts have written '3 years' in parentheses. This allows the seller to make additional unreasonable demands towards the buyer after 3 years. Often the seller will try to extend the lease of the land at a very high rate, sometimes 40 times higher. In extreme cases this might cost the buyer an additional 10mln Baht. Usually construction cost of the house is between 4 - 15mln Baht. In case the buyer refuses to pay extra money for the lease extension, some developers tell the buyers to remove the house from the land, a very ridiculous thing to ask!

Furthermore, the construction of the house very often has its own problems. In some situations the house registration number is a temporary number issued by Hua Hin Municipality. The rate of electricity and water might be higher than for houses with the permanent numbers. Also the temporary house number cannot be changed into a permanent one because some housing projects had failed to ask Hua Hin Municipality for permission to construct a project. At present one project is building 50 houses without any permission by Hua Hin Municipality. 

Hua HinKhun Tuck meets on almost daily basis foreign buyers which come to see him to complain about some foreign developers in Hua Hin. After hearing their problem he directs them to the right government officials who will investigate their case in order to establish facts and to find the best solution for all parties. 

If you have a similar problem please contact Khun Tuck Dechapanya on 081 8994316. More information about Khun Tuck visit

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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