Cicada Market has been opened

Adding a new vibe to Hua Hin's shopping scene is Cicada Market which opened on in October at Suan Sri, a 10-rai plot of land at the mouth of Soi Moo Ban Nong Kae on Khao Takiab Hua Hin Road. This lovely venue is unlike other shopping destinations in Hua Hin with its art-inspired concept and outdoor tropical ambience. Here visitors can stroll around the spacious garden and enjoy a colorful variety of design-oriented goods, a number of art installations and plenty of tasty food under the moon-lit sky among the singing sound of cicadas.

''Every year the number of visitors coming to Hua Hin keeps increasing. Even though the town has an extensive choice of accommodation, it didn't provide enough choices for recreational activities,'' said Sasi-ampai Siriviroj, manager of Cicada Market project.

 ''So this was the reason why we decided to come up with this project. And we named it Cicada Market because the insect, which has been a long-time resident in this garden, represents a healthy natural environment and is also a symbol of distinctive individuals who gather together to create an ideal community of artful lifestyle.''

The market, which operates every Saturday from 3-9 pm, is divided into four sections: Art a la mode, Art Indoor, Art of Act and Art of Eating.

The Art a la mode, which occupies most of the space, is a place for selling and trading goods including arts and crafts, clothes, home decorative items, souvenirs and stationery _brand new and used. This ''flea market with style'' is ideal for those looking for one-of-a-kind art pieces and hand-made clothing and fashion accessories.

A main base for Art Indoor are two lovely white houses in the middle of the garden which serve as fine art galleries catering to art enthusiasts who may come to enjoy photo or painting exhibitions, or other contemporary art displays. Those who wish to have their portraits drawn can also find this service here.

The well-built amphitheatre-style concert ground is a main stage for the Art of Act. Here visitors can find, or even join in, a myriad of performing arts and activities such as music, theatre, story-telling and dancing.

Deep down at one corner of the market garden is a zone dedicated to food. Representing the Art of Eating, it offers an impressive collection of food, snacks and sweets _ local and international. You might want to check out Hua Hin's authentic khao khluk kapi, or rice tossed with shrimp paste, and phad thai. At the same time, you can also sample dishes from the North, Isan and the South, while Japanese treats and Italian pasta are also available.

''We expect to have 150-200 vendors and other entertainment each evening. We hope this market can help serving the growing number of visitors to Hua Hin, while adding more recreational value and generating more income to the local community,''said Sasi-ampai.

Cicada Market is located at the corner of Sasi Dinner Theatre and Hyatt Regency Hotel on Khao Takiab Hua Hin Road. It opens every Saturday from 3-9 pm. For more information, please call 032-536-606, 080 650-4334. or visit

Reported by Natsupa Dechapanya

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