Inspector General from Ministry of Culture visits Hua Hin Cultural Association

Hua Hin Cultural AssociationOn Wednesday 23 January 2008 Mrs Prisna Pongtadsirikul, Inspector General from Ministry of Culture and staff come to visit Prachaupkhirikhan Provincial Culture Division. They were welcomed by Prachaupkhirikhan Provincial Culture Officer Khun Thongbai Klin-Ubol and staff. Khun Thongbai has made a report regarding last year work done by Provincial Culture Division after which he has invited all present to visit some local communities and to see how Thai culture is preserved.

First visitors came to Hua Hin District to see a library at Hua Hin Temple. Khun Prisna has spoken to Abbot about Thai culture and about the need to make people aware about Thai custom.

Next Inspector General and her team have visited Hua Hin Scool of Commerce where school's director Khun Auchariya Orsuwand has prepared a meeting room.

President of Hua Hin Cultural Association Khun Tuck Dechapanya and staff have welcomed visiting guest. President has shown Power Point presentation about last year work of Hua Hin Cultural Association. Each year association organizes HuaHin Thai Culture Festival early in December. Khun Tuck has explained that it cost 100,000Baht to organize the festival but Ministry of Culture gives only 10,000Baht for this purpose. This is not enough to organize the festival, so association's committee has to find sponsors which will donate money towards organization costs of the festival.

Hua Hin Cultural Association has many other projects to support local community. At the moment these projects are in the planning stage as right now there is not budget to implement them.

Mrs Prisna Pongtadsirikul has thanked members of the Hua Hin Cultural Association for their work and Khun Tuck for the Power Point presentation. She has expressed her concerns that many bars in Hua Hin stay open beyond their licensed opening times. As this illegal, she has asked the committee of the Hua Hin Cultural Association to work with the Provincial Culture Officer and local police to enforce bar's closing times.

Khun Tuck took the visiting guest on a tour to Somthawil Kindergaten School which has a small history museum run by school's owner Khun Wichien Wathanajit. Khun Wichien has built this school about 40 year ago. He has collected many antiques like for example copy of a boat, trap for aquatic animals, shells, old bells. There is also information and photos on display of the former Hua Hin Mayor Lord Prasathsuk who was mayor of Hua Hin more than 75 year ago.

After Somthawil Kindergaten School, Khun Tuck took the group to visit Ratchanee Thai Silk Center. It belongs to Mr. Mike Takuri who is Pakistani national. Mr Mike came to Hua Hin 20 years ago. The Ratchane Thai Silk Center has on display traditional silk making from the northern, northeastern and central part of Thailand. The displays show process of making silk from cocoons. At the center there is wood sculpture and painted umbrellas. Mr. Mike has said that in about three month time he will build a display showing a traditional Thai community. Khun Prisna has enjoyed visit to the center a lot and has encourage Mr Mike to continue his good work in preserving Thai culture.

Hua Hin Cultural Association Hua Hin Cultural Association
Hua Hin Cultural Association Hua Hin Cultural Association
Hua Hin Cultural Association Hua Hin Cultural Association
Hua Hin Cultural Association Hua Hin Cultural Association

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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