Election results for Hua Hin Mayor

Election for Hua Hin MayorThe election took place on May 11 2008, from 08.00 – 15.00. Mrs. Srisuda Ratri, the Municipal Clerk and acting Mayor, was assigned by the Provincial Election Commission (PEC) to monitor election in 3 zones with 7 villages; Khao Tao, Takiab, Nongkae, Khao Phitak, Samorprong, Bor Fai, Hua Hin Villages. In total there were 50 election polling stations, 35,000 residents were entitled to vote (50.15% of Hua Hin District population). 

Before the election, the PEC led by Warothai Naeobanthat, the PEC Secretary, as well as other concerning officers have informed Hua Hin residents and villagers about the election rules. Local Election Commission has been assigned to monitor election in Hua Hin District.

The PEC had assigned Hua Hin Schools as the election polling stations. Hua Hin District residents were voting for a Hua Hin Mayor and for members of the Hua Hin Council. Votes for the Hua Hin Mayor were counted at the Municipality Auditorium Hall and votes for members of the Hua Hin Council were counted inside a tent at Hua Hin School. 

Mrs. Pornprapha Pingphong, the Chairwoman of PEC, Mr. Surin Bua-Ngarm, the PEC officer, and Mr. Praphas Chatmongkol, the senior officer, attended the scene to monitor and check the electoral result. Mrs. Pornprapha disclosed to the press that she has been in Hua Hin since the early morning to check the 50 election polling stations and to brief the election officers of each election polling station that she should be notified immediately if unclear situation arise during the election. 

The infantry Center 15, Thanarat Camp, Pranburi District has sent 61 soldiers from Thanarat Military Camp, Pranburi District to count votes. 70 police officers from Hua Hin Police Station lead by Pol.Lt.Col. Withat Borirak, the Deputy Superintendent was assigned to monitor election and to deal with any urgent cases. 

After 15.00 the election polling stations began to deliver vote boxes to the counting center under supervision of the municipal officers and groups of teachers who were previously assigned. After 19.00, those officers have started count votes publicly. The vote count was observed by various representatives from the two parties taking part in the election. Number of soldiers was assigned to patrol the area. 

The election result was unofficially declared at 01.00. The Hua Hin Hopeful Group (Hua Hin Mai Sin Wang) led by Mr. Jira Phongphaiboon, the former mayor of Hua Hin von 15 seats to the Hua Hin Council. They have achieved a decisive victory over Mr. Siraphan Kamolpramote, the leader of Hua Hin New Power Group (Hua Hin Phalang Mai). Mr. Siraphan's party won only 3 seats, with the difference of 1,600 votes. 

As soon as the unofficial result were declared, Mr. Jira Phongphaiboon said to the press that he must give the big thank to his people to let him work again. He will try to do all the things he has promised during the election campaign. He will go on to thank his supporters in various villages and communities in the next day. 

Election for Hua Hin Mayor Election for Hua Hin Mayor
Election for Hua Hin Mayor Election for Hua Hin Mayor
Election for Hua Hin Mayor Election for Hua Hin Mayor

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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