11th Thailand International Kite Festival Cha Am March 13-14

Imagine the beauty of a sky filled with colorful dancing mythical creatures, the world’s largest panda – a first for Thailand – cuddly monsters, huge dragons, tigers, frogs, turtles, octopuses, pink fish, sky-diving teddy bears and a giant cobra. Unique kites of the world, never before seen in Thailand.

Bring along the whole family for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



* The world’s largest panda
* 100 dedicated kite fliers from more than 20 countries
* Space-age technology flown with traditional know-how
* “Make & Fly” kite workshops for kids
* Kites never before seen in Thailand

Kite flying is a world popular sport that has evolved over the decades resulting in changes into modernized patterns and materials. Nowadays, the features of a kite has a beautifully bigger structure and adopted modern technology in its production, which brings in a variety of forms and structures and methods of flying; as such, it creates a spectacle to the audience. It is believed that the invention of kite dates back to 400 B.C. with the purpose of pleasure and certain usefulness. From an academic chronicle, it was found that a Chinese engineer named Kungshu Pan (Lu Ban) built a wooden bird, which could fly in the sky for 3 days; therefore, it was assumed as the world’s first kite.

In Thailand, kite flying has been long popular since the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods among the royalty as well as ordinary people. However, the Royal Household’s law forbade that no one could fly a kite over the palace; otherwise, punishment by law would be enforced. The Chula-Pakpao kites were created in the Ayutthaya period and the competition had been held until the Rattanakhosin period. King Rama ll was fond of Chula kite fighting with the Pakpao kite of his brother. Westerners compared the Chula kite as a male and Pakpao kite as a female, which was similar to the Thai social value in that period that males dominated female. Kite flying was also the most popular sport in king Rama IV, kite flying at Sanam Luang inside the Dusit Palace, and had a kite flying competition held at Dusit Palace in 1856, where he presided over himself. In the reign of King Rama VI, kite flying was restored as a sport and Phraya Phirom PhaKdi organized a kite flying competition at Sanam Luang. After World was II, the Siam Sport Club held an annual kite flying competition.

The tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) first held the Thailand International Kite Festival in 1989 and has continuously held the event in many arenas ; such as, the seashore of Pattaya, Chon Buri, the grounds of the Bang sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Mueang Thong Thani Sports Complex, Nonthaburi, The 16th Infantry, Suriyothai camp, Prachup Khiri Khan, and Naresuan Camp, Phetchaburi, until now. In 2010 TAT in cooperation with Phetchaburi province, Naresuan Camp, Phra Ram VI Camp, the Thai Sports World under Royal Patronage, Bangkok Metropolitan Adminitration, Thailand kite fliers Association, and Sanook Sky Kite Flyer Club will hold the 11th Thailand International Kite Festival during 13-14 March 2010, at Amphoe Cha–am, Phetchaburi. This province has been considered to be a well-equipped potential tourist destination and capable of organizing sports for tourism activities which draw more visitors into the area.

Main activities 
1. 4 regions Thai Kite Flying Shows 
2. International Kite Flying Show
3. International Night Flying Show 
4. Demonstration and exhibition of Thai Kites
5. Demonstration of the Chula- Pakpao Kite Fighting
6. Competition and demonstration of Stunt Kite
7. Fast kite Flying Contest
8. Fighting Kite Show 
9. Flat Kite Contest
10. Invention of creative kites
11. Kite stall Contest
12. Kite street market and clinic
13. Art for children 
14. Food and handicraft booths

Other interesting activities
1. Parachute show
2. Radio controlled model airplane show and competition 
3. Visit Mrigadayavan Palace
4. Energy-saving car rally

Reported by TAT Hua Hin

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