Investigation into attempted murder of Donald Whiting

We will continue report on the investigation into attempted murder of Donald Whiting. We will provide for our readers regular updates as we get them.

Police is aware, that there has been huge interest among expats living in Thailand and will only release statements when they think this will not compromise investigation into this case.

Investigation so far:


24 October 2008

Mr. Donald Whiting, an American citizen residing at house no. 38/12, Khaophithak Community, saw a man holding an envelop in front of his house.  Not suspecting anything Donald Whiting came out of his house to open the gate to the man. While he was walking to the gate, two other men have appeared and shoot Donald and have immediately left the area in their pick-up car.  As soon as Mrs. Dolly Whiting, Mr. Donald’s wife, heard the shots, she came out of the house and has found her husband shot. Local Thai resident leaving close by have rushed to the crime scene and have provided first aid to Donald Whiting.

Shortly after the shooting of her husband took place, Dolly Samson, Vice Chancellor of Stamford International University, has contacted the American Embassy and has asked for help. The American Embassy has contacted The Royal Thai Police and was kept informed about investigation progress ever since.

We have spoken to Dolly, Donald’s wife, on the phone recently. She has told us that she is now looking after her husband at hospital in Bangkok.  She said, that she must thank the Thai Prime Minister, The Royal Thai Police, the Police Investigation Team in Prachuapkhirikhan Province and the American Embassy for helping find the gunmen suspected of shooting Donald. At the moment, her husband is not able to move due to paralysis. 

21 January 2009

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has ordered police to speed up investigation in old killings and Donald Whiting’s shooting after he held talks on Wednesday 21 January 2008 with Deputy National Police Chief Thanee Somboonsap and Assistant Police Chief Aswin Kwanmuang.

26 January 2009

As per Royal Thai Police command no. 30/2552, dated 26 Jan., 09 Deputy Commissioner-General  Pol.Gen. Thanee  Somboonsap and  Assistant Commission-General Pol.Lt.Gen. Assawin Kwanmuang has been ordered to take control of the investigation. 

28 January 2009

The investigation team has ordered the arrest of three suspects; Mr. Yutthana Areesawat, aged 36, residing at house no. 104, Thungkha Sub District, Chumphon Province, Mr. Samaat Areesawat, aged 41, residing at house no. 104, Thungkha Sub District, Chumphon Province, and Mr. Eakanan Jitmahima, aged 50, residing at Rungsit Sub District, Thayaburi District, and Phathumthani Province.  During the arrest of the suspects, police also found one black .38 gun (Smith Vessan Brand) without registration number and Isuzu car with license plate no. Tor Thor (ตฐ) 5521 Bangkok. 

29 January 2009 early in the morning

Thai immigration police has arrested Mrs Janpen Oxley, the alleged mastermind behind the attempted murder of Donald Whiting, at Aranyaprathet on the Thai-Cambodian border. She was trying cross into Cambodia. The immigration officials have found over three hundred thousand baht in her luggage.

29 January 2009 in the evening

On Thursday night after the press conference on television, police has transferred Mrs. Janpen  Oxley from Bangkok to Hua Hin police station for intorogation. During the press conference on TV Janpen Oxley didn't answer any question from the journalists and said she would only give testimony to the court.



01 February 2009

Pol.Lt.Gen. Assawin Kwanmuang continues investigation into attempted murder of Donald Whiting. On Sunday Pol Colonel  Kasana  Jaengsawanf said that Chief Provincial Judge has refused bail to Mrs Janpen Oxley and at present Mrs Janpen Oxley is in provincial jail.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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