Irregularities with public land near Houy E-Ork King's Project

In the past I was a member of Prachuapkhirikhan Provincial Assembly, Hua Hin Vice-Mayor & President of Hua Hin Assembly during 6 terms. Recently Mayor Khun Jira Pongpaibul has assigned for me task of checking all the public properties in Hua Hin area.

I have been checking public properties for sometime now and I have noticed that some people have occupied public land. They even gained land deed issued by the Land Office. It appears that these land deeds have been acquired illegally as public land could not change to be a land with deeds. In Hua Hin District there are many pieces of public land which now belong to influential individuals.

Vice President of Hua Hin Assembly Khun Prapa Nortos spoke with me about Houy E-Ork King’s Project in Bohfai Village which has been established by HM King Bhumibol in 2524 of Thai calendar (1981). There has been a big swamp type reservoir holding water coming from the mountain but was contaminated by sea water during monsoon season. HM King has requested that a dike dam was build which would prevent sea water from entering the reservoir. Thanks to this innovation, the villagers had a source of fresh water for their households. Then the King’s Project was set up round this swamp, there were about one hundred rais of public land, but now about 70 rais of this public land is in the possession of influential man who trespassed and how hold deeds for this land. The government division never did anything about it and the Bohfai residents said that this King Project has been forgotten already. Vice President of Hua Hin Assembly gave another example where 20 rais of public land next to the main street in Bohfai Village which belonged to Irrigation Department is now owned by influential individuals. Khun Prapa Nortos said that he will to notify to the Government Court of Justice.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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