Message from Hua Hin Mayor

Hello, this is my first time I have the chance to write to my beloved readers of Hua Hin online newspaper.  I am delighted, that I am able tell the foreign readers about Hua Hin Municipality events which took place recently. 

Today, I would like inform you about success of Hua Hin Ice Carving Team in the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 09 event which took place during May 6-9, 2009. Hua Hin was represented by Mr. Alongkorn Thimcharoen, Mr. Suphat Pakkatho and Mr. Marut Nakprasit, winning team Gold Medal and one individual Silver Medal.  All three competitors are Hua Hin natives and they are regarded as the pride of our city and country, so they deserve honorable applause from us.

In the evening of May 13th, 2009, I had presided over the opening of “Walk – Run – Dance” on Hin Lek Fai Mountain.  The starting point was at Suksamran Temple and finish was at the court on the mountain. Large groups of Hua Hin natives and representatives of local sectors have participating in this sport event. I was very happy to see so many Hua Hin residents joining the healthy life project. As this event was such a success it has been agreed to organize this sport event every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

By the way, some people have asked me about the idea of organizing “100 Years of Hua Hin”. Once I tell you about the history of Hua Hin you will understand how we got this idea.

There was an English railway engineer who surveyed the railway route for the southern line. Eventually the railway has arrived to Hua Hin which had been known as “Samor Riang” or “Thamor Riang” (literally means rocks lying down) at that time.  The engineer saw the 20 km. of unique white sand beach with rocks lying on the coast, only seen at Hua Hin.  Since then the first royal train had arrived to Hua Hin on the southern route, in May 25, 1911.  King Rama VI has made Hua Hin a resort town for noblemen like in the European countries.  Moreover, most of royal members were happy visit Hua Hin and as a result 5-star hotel and the first royal golf course has been build during the reign of King Rama VI (1922) to serve those royal visitors at that time. Soon after Klaikangwon Palace was built during the reign of King Rama VII (1926).  The palace was formerly called “Suan KlaiKangwon”.

The first municipal council was initially assigned in Hua Hin by the government in 1937. The first municipal council was consisted of Khun Prasatsuknikorn (Mr. Charoen Dechapanya) as the Mayor, Luang Rajakit Woradech (Mr. Chom Ken) and Mr. Choon Charoennoeng as municipal councilors. This was said to be the first municipal council and the first municipality of Thailand. 

With precious history, the year 2009 is regarded to be one of the most important years and a lot of events will take place all year long in Hua Hin. These events will remind Hua Hin residents Hua Hin's history and promote local tourism as well.  With their majesties the King and Queen’s kindness, Hua Hin has been so far the city of happiness.  At last I would like to invite all of you to join the celebration for “100 Years of Hua Hin”. Please enjoy!

Mr. Jira  Phongphaiboon, Hua Hin Mayor

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