Khun Tuck Dechapanya celebrates 80th birthday anniversary

On Sunday 24th August 2008 our reporter Khun Tuck Dechapanya has celebrated his 80th birthday anniversary. Members of his large family, friends and VIPs from Hua Hin have gathered at 7pm for the big birthday party.

Among the well wishers were Hua Hin Mayor Khun Jira Pongpaibul and Chief District Officer Khun Prasit Boonlikit.

On specially build stage for this occasion local foreigner jazz band has put all present in the party mood.

Then the stage presenter spoke about Khun Tuck's life and his achievements. Khun Tuck has started work when he was 17 yrs old with " Pim Thai ", one of the Thai newspapers published at that time. Today he has his own English monthly newspaper "Hotline" on Hua Hin topics. He also provides news for Hua Hin websites,, and also some local newspapers. He has started get involved with politics when he was 25 years old as Member of Provincial Parliament established by Interior Ministry. He has served three terms in the Provincial Parliament. Then he was Hua Hin Councilor for 3 consecutive terms. He was 6 times Chairman of Assembly during the time when Khun Jira Phongphiboon has served his terms as Hua Hin Lord Mayor. He was 10 times member of the Hua Hin Assembly. At the age of 74 Khun Tuck has stopped to be involved in politics. Currently he is the Chairman of the Hua Hin Culture Assembly. In 2007 he was awarded by HM the King the title "Father of the year". Together with his son Taweesak Dechapanya he works as a member of the Provincial Reconcile Team and helps compromise disputants (especially foreigner). From his office he assists Hua Hin foreign residents with their problems.

Next both Hua Hin Mayor Khun Jira Pongpaibul and Chief District Officer Khun Prasit Boonlikit had a speech and have offered their best wishes to Khun Tuck. Hua Hin Mayor has joked that Khun Tuck looks like 60 years old.

Then Khun Tuck took to the stage to thank all for coming to the party. In English he said that he is trying to help all the foreigners which have been cheated by the foreign developers operating in Hua Hin area. He also spoke about his voluntary work as a reported for and He has been writing daily news for both websites for more than one year.

After speeches, there was time for all present at the party to sing Happy Birthday and for Khun Tuck to make a wish and blow off the candles on his birthday cake. This was also the starting point for karaoke performance by Hua Hin Mayor, Chief District Officer, family members and friends. Towards the end of the party some of the many Khun Tuck's grand and grand grandchildren took to the stage to demonstrate to the adults how to sing karaoke. The party continued well into late hours of the memorable evening.

Reported by Leszek M.

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