Conciliatory seminar for local village headmen

Conciliatory seminar for local village headmenOn Thursday 11 September 2008 in the morning at Hardthong Hotel, Chief Judge of Provincial Court Khun Supkit Boonpontuk and Chief Judge of Youth & Family Court Khun Somprasong Petchasuwean have arranged a conciliatory seminar for local village headmen meeting. About 80 villages were represented at the seminar.

At the beginning of the seminar Chief Judge Khun Supkit Boonpontuk lit the candle and incense in front of the Buddha.

Next Group Captain of the Conciliatory Committee at Provincial Court Umnouy Noriwong spoke about work of the Conciliatory Committee and the need to teach conciliatory skills to the 80 village headmen.

The Chief Judge said that he was very keen to arrange the seminar and training on how to conciliate civil and some criminal cases. This was the first seminar meeting and every village will have problems such as property and money defrauding or neighbors disputes. If these cases will not be compromises then they will have to be submitted to the court and great deal of time and money will be spent. But if village headmen will know how to compromise civil and some criminal cases then there will be no need to send the cases to the court.

Chief Judge of Youth & Family Court Khun Somprasong Petchasuwean has explained how to conciliate the youth or family cases. When a problem arises, the village headmen should decide who will be best suited to compromise the case. First the conciliator should listen to both sides separately, then think how solve the case and then bring both sides together and try to conciliate in a such a way that both sides will see the compromise deal as fair.

At the end of the seminar Group Captain Umnouy Noriwong gave examples of real cases he had to compromise. He said that it is important to comfort bots sides and ensure that both sides feel a winner. The seminar has ended at 4 pm.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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