3 Days 2 Nights & in Keang Krachan National Park

If you thrive on adventure and fun this could be the perfect trek you might be looking for! H.A.T has put together a great and exciting program for this, 2 nights/ 3 days trek in the jungle. It is packed with fun, adventure and plenty of learning.

Day 1
Our great adventure takes place in Keang Krachang National Park. From the check point at Ban Klang, we will be kicking off our trek with a good trail up to the mountain heading to Ban Klang camp.

Then off we go again back to the jungle, where H.A.T 's staff will show you how to look for wild animal's foot prints. In that area there are still plenty of wild animals, thanks to the protection they benefit from the National Park.

Amongst the foot prints that you are likely to come across, are deers foot prints, elephants, bears and even tigers, if you're lucky that is! Trekking our way through jungle we will be ascending the beautiful Pa Neun Thoung Mountain on top of which we will be setting camp for the night. Then time to chill out a bit and to fill up our bellies with a nutritious diner. And then an early night would be wise as a surprise awaits early risers the next day!

Day 2
Pa Neun Thoung Mountain offers something most spectacular to the early risers. On top of this mountain you will discover the breath taking "sea of fog", that will cover the whole area below, and make you feel as though you are in an heavenly place right on the top of the world! Breakfast with such a view will start up the day on the right foot! Speaking of which you'll need them to be strong and steady, as you'll be descending the mountain for about a 4 km trail.
Trekking our way to the Tham Tip waterfalls we might have a glimpse of some wild animals if luck is on our side!

Monkeys are amongst the most common one we may see.
Once we get to the waterfalls we will then stop over for a picnic lunch. And then off we go again. trekking to the K.U. camp around the Petchaburi River and we will set our 2nd's night camp there. We might again see some more monkeys, Gibbons, in the trees in that area. If we don't get to see them we will most definitely hear them, and it is always a surprising joy even for those who are used to them. Yet another well deserved diner will be awaiting us after this long day trekking, it will set off the evening around the fire camp and we will take a good rest .

Day 3
After a good night sleep we will have breakfast and pack up the camp, and we will then, get ourselves all ready to the last part of our exciting journey trail back to the Pa Neun Thoung Mountain for approx 4 km. Once we've reached the mountain we will have lunch right on the spot! We will be picked up as our journey will be near the end. Back then to the civilization: Hua Hin !!!
How's that sound to you? Are you ready to put the H.A.T on and get in the action!? If yes, do let US know!!

Tour Prices and Time
Minimum 2 persons
00Baht per person
Minimum 4 persons
00Baht per person
Includes: Entrance fees, English speaking guide, Transport, Lunch, Accident insurance.
08:00hrs 3 days / 2 nights

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3 Days 2 Nights & in Keang Krachan National Park Tour

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