New Healing Center in Hua Hin

Sukkasart @Hua HinNew healing center has been open in Hua Hin. The healing center is focused on health promotion, lifestyle for the residents of Hua Hin, the center represents as education hub for anyone seeking for health conscience and balancing of body, mind and spirit.

Sukkasart @Hua Hin is the brainchild of Dr. Buathon Thienarrom Ph.D., after many years of compilation of personal holistic experience.  She has worked several years at Chiva-Som International health resort, working aboard in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Portugal and China as visiting holistic practitioner and has designed chi signature treatment for Chi, the spa of Shangri-la and has recently joining Six Senses Spas as holistic conscience. From all her experiences of working in the spa business, Buathon offers the next trend of spas to the locality of Hua Hin, as the city itself has been represented internationally as the wellness town.   Sukkasart @Hua Hin located at 2nd floor 20/48 Hua Hin Soi 106, it is the first building once you enter the side road, and please use side entrance. Tel: 089 745 8282,

Sukkasart@ Hua Hin offers the various classes and activities and workshops on Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and self healing classes. They also facilitate complimentary classes one a week for ever one to experience this path of well being.

Healing sessions, they provide the healing of ZenNaTai ; the abdominal massage that focus on improving digestive system and detoxifying, claming the mind and promote mental awareness, as most of internal organs are the place to store emotions, Facial Lymphatic drainage ; start with deep cleansing and facial acupressure massage to stimulate the facial lymphatic system,  Oriental Oil massage ; they utilize natural extraction of Thai herb to stimulate body circulation, Tai massage; a basic form of massage that promote and balance chi flow from top to toe  and Healing Foot Massage with Crystal, for further information please visit

The products  that Sukkasart@ Hua Hin offers here has been well selected such as singing bowls and tingsha bells from Nepal, which is very effective for vibrational and sound therapy, it is very good to practice as the form of basic meditation at the end of busy day to unwind your day.

Fresh tea leave of white tea with rose or sweet osmanthus, the white tea have very high anti-oxidants and rose is helping to clam the heart and sweet osmanthus is promote the vitality balancing yin and yang energy.

Variety of herbal candles to soothe your day with various scent to rose, lavender, sesame, cinnamon, and soya bean.

Aromatherapy diffuser gives you a natural scent and properties of refresh yourself with mint and lemongrass, relaxing with jasmine and floral scent, concentration by orange which is highly suggested for working area and lavender to assist you for a good night sleep.

Herbal oil extraction by utilizing natural extraction of Plai and morning garden which is very good to relief aching pain, reduce inflammatory and promote skin healing process, the product is use traditional method of natural sun light to extract the properties of herb to the oil.

Personal home care, as Thailand is very well know in silk, all their home care products contain Silk which have Sericin, which is one of the best natural antioxidants. Sericin is extracted from a special silk breed that cross-bred between Bombyx Mori and the original Thai one. Sericin contains 18 Amino acids including 8 kinds of Human needed ones. Sericin also has very god anti-irritant, anti-wrinkle potential and excellent function of humidity-control. Sericin can be beneficial for both skin and hair. It prevents skin from dehydration, maintains skin at its best condition and reduces bacteria. It also helps to have volume in hair, make hair shinny, and also protects hair from the sun and from chemical which causes split-hair. As a result, the skin and hair are getting smoother and softer with more flexibility.

They have wide range of liquid soap, shower gel, body moisturizer, body scrub and anti cellulite cream. All products are reasonable price.

Sukkasart @Hua Hin Sukkasart @Hua Hin
Sukkasart @Hua Hin Sukkasart @Hua Hin
Sukkasart @Hua Hin Sukkasart @Hua Hin

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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