Preparation for march with Royal Flag

On Monday 13 October 2008 in the afternoon at Naresdamri Room at Hua Hin Municipality, Hua Hin Mayor Khun Jira Pongpaibul has arranged meeting for government official from every division, student’s & teacher’s representatives and community representatives to discuss preparation to the march which will take place on the 15th October 2008. In total about 200 persons have participated in this meeting.

On 12th of August Thais celebrate Mothers Day which marks HM the Queen’s birthday. On 5th December they celebrate Fathers Day which falls on HM the King’s birthday. Both HM the King and the Queen are Mother and Father figures to Thais. In the current political situation Thais have to show unity and put differences behind them. The march scheduled for the 15th of October will show national unity under Royal Flag.

Khun  Jira  Pongpaibul  has shown all present plan of march route. Residents will gather at 10am at the Phon King Pet public park.  At about 1:30 pm Chief District Officer will bring the Royal Flag to the park and will pass it to Hua Hin Mayor who will place the flag next to portraits of HM the Queen and King. Then Chief District Officer will start the ceremony of paying respect to Their Majesties. He will place in front of the portraits and will lit the candle and incense. All Hua Hin residents will follow and pay their respect.

Shortly afterward music band and procession will assemble. Hua Hin Mayor will take the Royal Flag and will start the Unity March. Every 100m the person carrying the Royal Flag will change until it will reach the Royal Palace. At the same time the leader of Hua Hin Assembly and Chief Villager will march with villagers living behind the mountain to the area of the Queen’s plantation and will wait the Royal Flag.  It is expected that about 5,000 Hua Hin residents will gather at the entrance gate to the palace. There after arrival of the Royal Flag all present lead by Chief District Officer, Lord Mayor, Chief Police Officer and Vice Chief Commander of the Thai Royal Army will sing Royal Anthem. For this occasion it has been agreed that all residents taking part in the march should wear yellow and blue shirts.

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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