Inspirational Peoples Foundation in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Artist Village has organized an evening event on February 21, 2011 lead by Mr.Thawee Kesangam, leader of Hua Hin Artist Village with collaboration of Rotary Club, Lion Club and the office of Cultural Affairs. The event was assembled to promote the Inspirational Peoples Foundation in Hua Hin to inspires everyone including the young generation and to honor  Mr. Tuck Dechapanya. Khun Lung Tuck has been recognized as the role model as he had great talents  and had contributed in various ways to Hua Hin society.

This idea to promote Inspirational Peoples Foundation in Hua Hin was inspired from role model Mr.Tuck Dechapanya who was known as Khun Lung Tuck. Khun Lung Tuck was a very good man who has worked very hard for Hua Hin's residents and for their equal rights. Khun Lung Tuck, who has died at age of 80, was a former chairman of Hua Hin Chamber, Councilor of the Provincial Council and many other social positions including former President of Cultural Affairs and President of Prachubkirikhan’s Press, etc. He was a very remarkable man and he remains in the heart of Hua Hin’s people. Although he has retired from the political post, he still held many social positions and has helped everyone who had problems including foreigners. Khun Lung Tuck was an optimistic, open minded with a good heart and was well respect and liked by everyone.

The memory event was led by Mr.Thawee Kasangam, Prof. Sahachai Anantamek and Dr.Buathon Thienarrom and other persons associated with Khun Lung Tuck’s activity such as Mr.Tan Or-Suwan, member of Senator Prachubkirikhan Chamber. Mr. Jira Pongpaiboon, Mayor of Hua Hin, Dr. Rungroj Luengsawad, former assistant Mayor of Hua Hin, Dr.Samart Sampantarak, Mr.Songyos Chinglek, former leader of Hua Hin Fisherman, Mrs.Wanna Chokesuchart, President of Cultural Affairs and Mr.Chamnan Pingjoa, representative of Hua Hin Press. All present at the event to honor Khun Lung Tuck have discussed his achievements and contributions. His greates achievement was to secure 19 Rai Land as a park for Hua Hin's residents.

At one stage Khun Lung Tuck was a councilor of Hua Hin Provincial Council and he was in charges for all lands in Hua Hin. He fought to bringing the 19 Rai of Land back from private investment group to public ownership in 1987 (known now as Suan Luang Rachinee) even thought he had to deal with many group that disagreed at that time but at the end he won!  Hua Hin now has big Public Park where everyone can enjoy walk in a very nice atmosphere.

During the evening there were  an auctions of 15 T-shirt from 15 famous artists with different drawing of Khun Lung Tuck on them. The auction which included also 5 painting from the local
artist has raised in total 120,000 Baht which will be donated to the Inspirational Peoples Foundation in Hua Hin.  The Hall of Fame is expected to be completed by 2012 and will be located at the previous Hua Hin Municipality building and the first statue there will be the statue of Khun Lung Tuck as the first Inspirational Resident of Hua Hin. On display at the Hall of Fame will be also Khun Lung Tuck's biography and the foundation committee will keep searching for other inspirational peoples which will be role models for for Hua Hin community.

Reported by Paranya Dechapanya

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