Visit to Prachuapkhirikhan Town

Kao Chong Krajok MountainPrachuapkhirikhan Town is located 91km south of Hua Hin. More and more Thai and foreigner tourist go to visit Prachuapkhirikhan every year as there are many places to relax. We have driven for 20km on the road which runs in parallel to the beach. This road led us to the front of Wing 53 and Ta-mong-lai Mountain. From there you can see Ta-mong-lai Mountain’s port with fishing boats, many island and three gulfs of Prachuapkhirikhan Province.

On the way back we have entered Wing 5 (Air Force) area to meet Wing 5 official. We have informed them before hand about our trip and young guide has been allocated to us to take us around the base.  The guide has told us the story of the battle between Thai and Japanese soldiers during WW II which took place on 8th December 1942. Early in the morning Japanese battleship has entered Thai waters and Japanese soldiers have landed on the beach of the Wing 5 base at 04.00 am. Likely they have been spotted in time by Thai guards at the base and alarm has been raised. Immediately battle erupted which lasted until 6am. Four hundred Japanese and 39 Thai Airmen died during the battle. Eventually Japanese soldiers have been pushed back. At about 12 noon the Prime Minister Loung Pibulsongkram sent a message to Wing 5 confirming that Japanese have withdrawn.

The young guide has shown us an old barrack where at the entrance to the barrack we could see bullet traces from Japanese weapons. We have spent about 1hour inside the barrack looking at old pictures showing history of the Wing 5.

After visit to Wing 5 we drove to the Kao Chong Krajok Mountain. We had to climb 400 steps up to the top of the Mountain. There we have had fantastic view on the sea. There are two Jedis. HM the King Bhummipol and HM the Queen came here to bring the Buddha’s bone to be kept in Jedi. After spending about 2 hours at the top of the mountain we went down.

We met an old man who lives around this mountain while we were looking at monkeys. He said that all these monkeys are hungry because they have very little food to eat except when the tourist come to see the monkeys and buy some fruit for the monkeys. He said that now there are about 2,000 monkeys living on the mountain. In the past there were many snakes living on the mountain. Some of the tourists were bitten by the snakes. Eventually all the snakes were eaten by the monkeys and there are no snakes at all.

When the snakes have gone, it is now very difficult for the monkeys to find food and fruits. Some of the monkeys are so desperate for food that they enter houses through windows and still food from the tables when owners are at work and there is nobody at home.

Kao Chong Krajok Mountain Kao Chong Krajok Mountain

Reported by Khun Tuck Dechapanya

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