Royal Celebration Mini Marathon Hua Hin Centenial


“Hua Hin the city of magic, famous boxer and beautiful palace”
Hua Hin City has its long history since 1907 with many names before upgrading as Hua Hin District.  In 1911, the Hua Hin railway station was built with unique Royal Waiting Room in Thai architectural style. The Royal Waiting Room was built in the reign of King Rama VI in order to welcome the King and his entourage. Another interesting place to visit is Mrigadayavan Palace located in Cha-am District. It was constructed in 1923 under King Rama VI's command to be his summer palace.  With the long history of this resort town, Hua Hin City Municipality has worked together with private sectors to hold “Running Tradition between the 2 palaces”.  If you want to be written in this page of Hua Hin history, don’t miss this…


  1. To celebrate HM the King’s honor
  2. To celebrate Hua Hin Centennial
  3. To promote Hua Hin – Cha Am Tourism
  4. To create friendship activity between Hua Hin and Cha Am City Municipalities
  5. To encourage people to exercise for their health

Name of Activity;       2 Palaces Royal Celebration Mini-Marathon

Day;                           Saturday 27 March, 2010

Place;                       Start at Mrigadayavan Palace located in Cha-am District and end at Klaikangwon Palace (Suanluang Rachinee), Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan, 15.5 km.

Running Route
Starting at Mrigadayavan Palace and turning left into Phetkasem Road, and going straight on to Klaikangwon Palace, Hua Hin as finish line

Racing Features;

Divided into 2 types;
1. Mini-Marathon (For ones ready for long-distance running) in 2 sub types;
1.1 Team Runner (20 runners / team)
1.2 Private Runner (Male/Female, unlimited ages)

2. Walking Type – Relay Race for Health
          2.1 Team Type (Hua Hin and Cha Am City Municipalities) for Traditional Cup between the 2 municipalities, team leaders will be those municipal administrators.
Hua Hin City is consisted of 5 Teams, 100 runners for each, totaling 500 runners.
          Cha Am City is consisted of 5 Teams, 100 runners for each, totaling 500 runners.
          Total 1,000 runners…

2.2 General Private Type (No competition but should join in team of 5-10 runners)
Target Group

  • Administrators and officers from the 2 municipalities
  • Hua Hin and Cha Am Natives and nearby
  • Thai and oversea tourists
  • School and university students in the areas
  • Private sectors in Hua Hin and Cha Am

Estimated numbers of runners

  • Mini-marathon : 500 runners
  • Relay Race for Health : 500 runners

Winner’s Cup
Each of racing type will be rewarded with 1 winner’s cup (Traditional Cup for any municipality winner)

1000 souvenir T-Shirts for all runners

Shuttle car for each point of relay race

Application Fee            Free for all types

Where to apply?

  • Hua Hin City Municipality

Public Relation and Tourist Information Section of Hua Hin municipality, Tel. 0-3251-1047 ext. 101-102

  • Cha Am City Municipality

Public Relation and Tourist Information Section of Cha Am municipality, Tel. 03247-1124

Kind Patronage from;
Hua Hin City Municipality, Cha Am City Municipality, Boonrawd Brewery, Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Hua Hin, TAT Cha Am

Public Relation;


  • 2,000 brochures
  • 2,000 Leaflets
  • 200 posters / Japanese Flags / Banners
  • By Local Radio
  • Billboard in Hua Hin


  • By other media of Prachuap Khirikhan Province such as website, local newspaper in Thai and English
  • By Press Conference at Hua Hin City Municipality Office
  • Public Relation boards in Hua Hin and its vicinity

Rough Plan

Feb. 2010                   Campaign for activity supporters
Produce presses for public relation
10 Mar. 2010              Press Conference at Hua Hin Municipality Office
27 Mar. 2010              Activity Day

Note; Press Conference may be changed depending on T-Shirts production completed

Things to prepare;

1. Application forms / 3-fold brochures in A4 size, consisted of…
* Details of activity
* Rout Map
* Application Form (used for T-Shirt distribution)
Numbers of T-Shirt depends on municipality
2. Round / V collar T-Shirts, Pink color with Hua Hin Centennial logo
3. Size of T-Shirts (Produced by Amazing Field Company, with sponsors logo)
3.1 For mini marathon, team and private competition
3.2 For Relay race
5 teams for each municipality, 100 runners for ach team, totaling 1,000 T-Shirts
Private type around 500 T-Shirts
4. 4 Winner Cups;
4.1 Big winner cup (traditional cup)
4.2 Winner Cups for each type, For Male and Female runners
5. Banners and Backdrop on the stage
6. 150 sets of Table for placing winner cups (supported by SINGHA)
7. Starting Arch / ceremony on the stage….

Reported by Natsupa Dechapanya

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