Out of city attractions - South West Highway 108

Chiang Mai Culture Centre

Located at the beginning of Chiang Mai-Hang Dong road (Highway 108), the Centre has an excellent collection of Lanna Thai art. It is also the venue for folk dance performances and typical northern-style khan tok dinners. For more information, please tel: 0 53274540. 0 5327 5097.

Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong

Located 58 km. from town, this intriguing temple dates from the mid-1400s and houses a collection of bronze Buddha images, while a holy Buddha relic is enshrined in the secondary chapel.

Wat Phra That Doi Noi

The temple, between 43 and 44 km was built by the Mon Queen Chamma Thewi in 658 AD. The hilltop location, reach by a flight of 241 steps, affords fine views of the Mae Ping river and srrounding countryside.

Mae Klang Waterfall

Chiang Mai's most photographed waterfall lies some 58 km. from town at the foot of Doi Inthanon. The picturesque setting is a popular picnic spot.

Borichinda Cave

A 10-minute drive and a 2- hour walk from Mae Klang, this large cave has stalactite and stalagmite formations, Buddha images and a rocky stream.

Doi Inthanon National Park

The 1005-sq. km. park encompasses Thailand 's highest peak which rises to 2,565 metres above sea level. Rich in flora and fauna, especially bird life, and with waterfalls, nature trails and Hmong and Karen hilltribe villages, the park as a whole is one of Chiang Mai's top attractions and well worth visiting.

Doi Inthanon Royal Project Research Station

Located in Khun Klang village, close to the park headquarters, this royally- initiated research station was established in 1979 to help hilltribe fanners to cultivate temperate-clime cash crops instead of opium and to train them in modern agricultural practices. Flower plantations and a plant breeding research lab are open to visitors.

Phra Mahathat Napha Methanidon and Phra Mahathat Naphaphon Phumisiri

These twin pagodas, located at 41,5 km, were built to commemorate thee fifth cycle birthdays of Their Majesties King Bhurnibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit.

Traditional Cotton Weaving Village

Located 3 km. from Mae Chaem District Office in Tambon Tha Pha, the villlage is famous for northern-style sarongs.

Ban Rai Phai Ngam

Also renowned for its high quality traditional cotton, village is reached after a turn between Km 69 and 70 along the Chiang Mai-Hot road.

Ob Luang Gorge

This picturesque gorge, with a river zigzagging between high, steep cliffs, is located 105 km. from Chiang Mai. The area is pleasantly framed by teak forests and hills.

Doi Tao Lake

Doi Tao district is 133 km. from Chiang Mai. The large reservoir here lies behind Bhumibol Dam in Tak province and offers recreational opportunities including boat cruises.

Huai Phak Phai Royal Project

At Ban Mae Ha in Hang Dong district, this royally initiated project is a research and cultivation centre for roses. The main attraction is the 8.4-acre Royal Rose Garden, best seen between October and February.

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