Thai visa and work permit

We recommend you contact your nearest Thai embassy for your own personal visa requirements.

Basic Information Normally you will get a 30-days tourist visa at the border when you enter Thailand . This can be extended up to 15 days at the immigration office for a fee of 1900 baht. When your visa expires, you must leave Thailand . But you can enter Thailand as many times you want and you will always get a 30-days tourist visa.

Tourist Visa
If you plan to stay longer, you should apply for a Tourist Visa at the Thai embassy in your home country or go to a neighbor country of Thailand when your 30 day tourist visa expires. It is easy to get and you will be granted a 60 days tourist visa. This one can be extended with another 30 days at the immigration office for 1900 baht, thus 90 days in total. You can also try and ask for a double entry visa, this means you can enter Thailand two times and stay in Thailand up to 6 months, although you must cross the border after 3 months to get another 3 months.

Business Visa (Non Immigrant B)
If you want to work in Thailand you need a Non Immigrant B Visa. My experience is that this may be easy to obtain in your home country if you have a letter of employment and other documents supporting your visa from your counterpart in Thailand but you may only be granted 3 months if this is first time you work in Thailand . Second time you may get double entry or 1 year multiple entry visa, but you still need to leave Thailand every 3 months There is one exception, if you get work permit from a BOI (Board of investment) approved program you may get a real 1 year business visa and you don't need to do the visa run every 3 months. (But on the other hand, if you want to leave the country for holiday in another country you need to do lot of paperwork to keep your 1 year visa. This is not required for the normal multiple entry visa.)
Note: You must show your work permit when you apply for business visa (Non-B) second or third time you renew it. This means you can not stay in Thailand by using business visa without having a work permit.

Married with Thai lady? (Non Immigrant O) If you are married with a Thai lady/man and can show proof of your marriage, you can obtain a 1-year Non-O Visa.

Criteria's for retirement visa

initially you must apply for a Non-Immigrant visa before you enter the country from a Thai Embassy abroad. Permission will be for 90 days. For the first permit (single entry) but you can apply for a multiple max one year stay in Thailand .


  1. Application form T.M.7
  2. Copy of passport or substitute document.
  3. One 4 x 6 cm photo.
  4. 500 baht fee.
  5. Proof of financial status or pension.
  6. Letter from your embassy saying you wish to retire in Thailand For an applicant who is over 50 years old , proof of a sum of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank OR an income of not less than 65,000 baht per month must be presented - OR a combination of balance in the bank and a monthly income. Example: 400,000 Baht in the bank and 32,500 Baht coming in every month.
  7. If the alien is ill, or has weak health and is sensitive to colder climates or has resided in Thailand for a long period, and is 50-59 years old, special circumstances may be given. The applicant must also submit medical certificates and proof that he/she lived in Thailand for a long time. For info: Tel: (02) 287-3905 or 287-3101-10 (ext 2259-61) or ask us.
  8. A foreigner must show evidence that he/she has income amounting to at least 65,000 baht per month or a bank account amounting to at least of 800,000 baht in cash when initially applying for a one-year visa;
  9. In the case of applications for one-year extensions of stay, or applications to change Tourist Visas or Transit Visas to Non-Immigrant Visas, evidence must be provided by each applicant that he/she has income or bank deposit in the same amounts as indicated above.


Retirees who are married to a foreigner e.g. Englishman married to say a Pilipino can apply for his "O" status non immigrant visa under the normal criteria of 800,000 baht or 65,000 baht coming in each month. However if he /she wants to include spouse on this Visa he/she must show evidence of marriage, e g marriage certificate.

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