Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park attractions

Visitor centre
Visitor centre is located at the park headquarters and is a focal point of the park's educational programmes. The center has excellent exhibits on a range of topics and a slide show is available for visitors viewing.

The Horseshoe Trail and the Mangrove Nature Trails, both located near the Visitor Center, offer excellent opportunities to view a variety of habitats and wildlife. On the Mangrove Nature Trail you can see muddskippers, crabs, monitor lizards, kingfishers, herons, egrets and a a variety of other birds species. The Horse shoe Trail will offer views of macaque and langur monkeys, squirrels and an assortment of colorful songbirds. The best time to observe wildlife and birds is early morning or before sunset.

Hat Laem Sala
The casualina beach nearby Ban Bang Pu. Two ways for getting there, one, by rental boats from Ban Bang Pu, And two, by walking on path from Ban Bang Pu intersection, (13 kilometers from the headquarters of the park) along the Ro Po Cho Road, and another 4 kilometers to Khao Thain. Then walk across the hill for 500 meters. Behind Bang Pu Temple, it is 20 minutes taken walking on the step path. Hat Laem Sala is surrounded with mountains in the U shape, opening the front facing the sea with Ko Sattakut fore ahead. There are accommodations and tents services.
Activities : - Activities on Beach - Trekking - Rock Climbing

Hat Sam Phraya
5 kilometers to the north from the headquarters, there is a clam and fascinating beach in the middle of casuarina vegetation, 1 kilometer of the length that tourists can bring their own tent for overnight stay and food services are available.
Activities : - Activities on Beach


Khao Daeng
400 meters on the asphalt street from the headquarter and another 300 meters going up to the hill, taking around 30 minutes, there is a viewpoint at the peak that stands 157 meters above the mean sea level. The time for a very good view is in early morning about 5.30 am. as you can see the sun rise from the rim of the sea at Ban Khao Daeng as well as the other beautiful surrounding. The spectacular panoramic view of the coastal area and dramatic mountain scenary are very rewarding. There are also birds, sam crab-eating macaques, monkeys and semnopithecus that come out to find foods in the early morning too.
Activities : - Bird/Animal Watching - Rock Climbing - Trekking

Khlong Khao Daeng Canal
1.5 kilometers from the headquarters, the popular activity for tourists is a boat trip by rent a boat from Ban Khao Daeng along the canal around 3-4 kilometers, approximately 1 hour taken per round. During the boat triping with a mangrove forest view, the tourists would see various kinds of birds. The most appropriated time for this trip is early morning or late afternoon (4-5pm).
Activities : - Bird/Animal Watching - Rafting-Canoeing-Kayaking

Tham Kaeo
Located in the Hup Chan Valley, 16 kilometers far from the headquarters to Bang Pu. It is a beautiful cave that has clear and translucent stalactites and stalagmites. Walking in the cave is quite hard because of the dark and unsmooth floor with full of small and big stones, so that pressure lantern or flashlight will be needed and the park's officers have to be guide leaders in the cave tour trip approximately 2 hours. One of the interesting cave features are formations that glitter like diamonds, as a result of calcite crystal deposits from the mineral ladden water droplets
Activities : - Activities on Beach - Cave/Geological Touring

Tham Sai
Located in the bush of Tanot, 9 kilometers far from the headquarters of the park. It is not too far to visit up to the cave. Tourists are able to park cars at base of the hill and walk up to the hill for 280 meters, taking approximately 30 minutes. It is rather dark inside the cave, in the weekend, there are flashlights and lamps services and on the weekday, there is lamp rental service for tourists at Ban Khung Tanot. The cave inside has very beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. It is approximately 1 hour for touring inside the cave.
Activities : - Cave/Geological Touring

Thung Sam Roi Yot
A kind of wetland that is the wide plain area naturally occurred with either holding water or flooding throughout the year. It has both fresh and brackish water. It is the source of biological and physical components, and also the symbol of the system, which has various kinds of plants, animals and food's elements. Thung Sam Roi Yot is the living place of many kinds of birds, both residents and seasonal migrant birds, so this is the one of the important places for birdwatching.
Activities : - Bird/Animal Watching

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