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An elephant with passengers can travel over any terrain, however steep and treacherous. This was the most efficient form of land transport in Thailand until the arrival of the railway and the automobile, and in the jungle and mountain areas today is still the most desirable and the safest way to go.

The elephant has broad a wooden seat strapped onto her back and tied with heavy rope. You sits on this seat while the mahout, or trainer, rests on the elephant's neck and guides him a long. The elephant travel dense jungle area on a trek. She climbs steep hills of mud and earth, traverse ledges between tree lines and hillside drops, and all the while sway back and forth in their efforts to maintain balance. All you have to do is hold on to your seat.

Elephant Village

The elephant camp is located 3km west of Hua Hin. The Elephant Village has 18 elephants, two males, 16 females and one baby elephant. On arrival at the elephant camp you will meet the elephants. Then you have the chance to buy bunches of bananas and feed elephants. You can watch the elephants taking their daily bath in the stream before beginning to demonstrate logging techniques used in the jungle. You will be surprised by their strength and clever team work.

Then you can climb on board the back of an elephant and ride through the jungle to visit a nearby village. This elephant ride takes about 1 hour for round trip. This is an unforgettable elephant ride. After the elephant ride you may have your lunch at the camp.

Safari and Adventure Park

Safari and Adventure Park has 12-acre site in Khao Takiab area, on soi 97. Safari and Adventure Park provides multitude of attractions, the most popular are Elephant Show, the Elephant Trek and the Crocodile and Cobra Show. Each activity is priced individually. Safari and Adventure Park has 28 elephants. They are well looked after and vet calls weekly to check their health.

The elephant show takes place 3 times daily. At 10.30. 13.00 and at 15.00 hours. During the show you will be able to see elephant playing football, basketball, popping balloons with darts and riding bicycles,

Elephant treks can be made at any time. You can take trek individually or with others in convoy. It is a comfortable ride, into the nearby hills and back through the lake.

During the Crocodile and Cobra Show, snake venom is extracted from the snakes and a fight between a King Cobra and the snake charmer can be seen. You will also see keeper pulling a crocodile out of the water with bare hands and then putting his head into the crocodile’s mouth. After the show you can have photograph taken with snakes and crocodiles.

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