Thailand Kaeng Krachan National Park attractions

Kaeng Krachan National Park

Tourist Attractions

Visitors to the park may enjoy relaxing by the lake at headquarters, touring Pala-u Waterfall in Prachuab Khiri Khan province, or taking a boat tour of the lake and the lower Phetchaburi, River. For a more rugged experience of the park, visitors may request permission to travel up the Khao Panoen Thung Road or to arrange hiles of one or more days. Visitors inside the park encounter evergreen forest, clear mountain streams, and wildlife. Visitors who wish to tour the forest along the Khao Panoen Thung Road or to hike the trails within the forest must request a permit at the visitor center located at headquarters. In general, guide service is required for any forest travel away from the Khao Panoen Thung Road. Trekking and hiking are not possible during the rainy season, when the trails are treacherously slippery and the road may become impassable.  

Kaeng Krachan Reservoir. The reservoir covers an area of 46.5 square kilometers and has a capacity of 710 million cubic meters. It was created by the construction of the earth dam which blocked the Phetchaburi River. The largest island in the lake is approximately 75 square kilometer. Many tourists enjoy hiring a boat for sightseeing around the lake. Observing village life from the water, and visiting the islands.

Khao Phanoen Thung/Nam Tok Thorthip Road : This 35 kilometer road was constructed in 1988 especially for tourism. It begins at the Khao Sam Yod ranger station. 20 kilometers away from headquarters. The road runs through primary forest and offers spectacular views of mountains and wildlife, an ocean of mountain ranges covered in deep-green forest all year round, and, early in the morning, the "sea of fog." Day hikers in any season may walk independently along the road to observe primates, birds, and other wildlife as well as scenic views. Overnight camping facilities are available at Kilometer 15, 27 and 30.

Phanoen Thung Mountain : At 1,207 meters above sea level, this is the second highest peak in the mational park. On the mountain top, grassland and evergreen forest make a good camping spot, with cool temperatures year-round. The view from the top includes a beautiful panorama of green forest, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, and the "sea of fog." Formed when mists fill the valleys in the early morning. Mineral licks in the grassland attract large mammals. A 6-kilometer trail begins at kilometer 27 for a strenuous hike

Thorthip Waterfall :    At this nine-level waterfall deep in the forest, water flows all year round. The waterfall is reached by a steep 4-kilometer trail from the end of the Nam Tok Thorthip Road, 35 kilometers from the edge of the park and 56 kilometers from headquarters. A campground has been built nearly at the confluence with the Phetchaburi River.


Thanthip and Hinlad Waterfalls: These two waterfalls cascade through deep forest all year long. They are located on a tributary of the Phetchaburi River about 5 kilometers upstream of the Thorthip confluence, and may be visited as part of a three-or four-day loop trek along with Thorthip Waterfall.

Pranburi Waterfall: This three-level waterfall is located on the upper Pranburi River, in the valley just south of the steep hill-climb at Kilometer 18-23 on the Khao Panoen Thung Road. It can be visited on a one-day hike.

Mae Saliang Waterfall: This three-level waterfall is located 5 kilometers west of the roadside campground at Kilometer 27. It is recommended for day-hiking and camping.

  Phetchaburi and Bang Gloy Rivers:   Beautiful scenery, wildlife, and rich forest along these rivers can best be enjoyed while travelling down the river-a journey of about five to seven days. This trip is possible only by special arrangement and permission of the superintendent.  

Pakarang Mountain (Lan Hanuman):  Many macaques, langurs (leaf monkeys) and gibbons inhabit the forest in this area, and rock formations on the mountain are said to resemble coral reefs. This mountain can be reached on a day hike of about 12 kilometers round trip, travelling through former village area now used extensively by wildlife. It is possible to camp overnight at the top. Nearby is Bat Cave, which can be included in a hiking tours.  

In Amphur Nong Ya Plong....

Huay Dungla Waterfall: This waterfall with three levels, is located in the far northern part of the national park, in Amphur Nong Ya Plong, 8 kilometers from the remote guard station at Khao Phu Plu.

Hot Spring: A natural hot mineral spring with water of about 55 ° C, is located near the remote guard station in the northern part of the park, in Amphur Nong Ya Plong.  

In Prachuab Khiri Khan Province......

Pala-u Waterfall:
This popular waterfall has sixteen levels, and is located in Amphur Hua Hin, in the southern part of the national park. Water flows throughout the year. Two other waterfalls, Huai Palao Falls and Chonlanath Falls, are located near the ranger station at Pala-u. Chonlanath is the tallest waterfall in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Wiman Cave: Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites are found in this cool cave. Evidence of ancient inhabitants-ceramics and stone exes-has been found in this cave near the Huay Kangpla waterall.  

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